How I Can Help

Travel Planning Services

Are you feeling overwhelmed with a trip you’re planning? Want to take a big trip, but need help putting all the pieces together?

Let me help you design and organize a trip you’ll love that will free you up to take care of everything else going on in your life.

All plans start at $99, which includes:

  • a personal trip-planning session where we’ll go through a series of questions so I can put a great plan together
  • An agreed-upon timeline and hours estimate
  • A prep call before your trip to go through tech, packing, and an in-depth itinerary review with your travel crew
  • Your completed itinerary and all information in an easy-to-use app
  • Access to all my tips, Google lists, and other curated recommendations to make your trip a success
When Are you Traveling?Hourly Rate (effective September 1, 2023)
More than six months from now$50
3-6 months from now$75
Less than three months from now$100
Hours are billed upon plan completion, and are emailed at regular intervals agreed upon by you and me.

Office Hours Consult

Want to run your itinerary by someone who’s been there before? Have questions about the best way to use your points and miles? If you want to talk through any travel-related topic, this is the place for you.

Of course, I’ll send you any links or notes from our meet-up within 48 hours.

Session TimeCost
30 minutes$75
60 minutes$100

Small Group Tours

I want to help people take the leap to explore places that might seem a bit beyond their comfort zone. I will be hosting small group trips to South Africa and Australia in 2024.

Get all the details for these trips here.

Saw this little guy (along with 20 of his family members!) in Kruger National Park – March 2021. Everyone should be able to have this incredible experience.

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