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Pro Tips on Packing for Travel with Kids

One of the biggest things I hear from parents about getting ready to travel on a long flight with kids is how to keep them occupied. No one wants to be the parent on the plane with the crying kid or kid who won’t stop playing with the tray table in front of them. Now, first, to speak some truth to all my fellow parents out there: You have every right to travel with your child. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for bringing a kid on a plane, or that that child might not be a perfect angel.…

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Disneyland 2023

Disneyland: The Basics First of all, DisneyLAND is in California. There were at least four people who thought we were heading to Florida when I told them our destination. Disneyland was the park that started it all back in 1955 with a dream by the man himself, Walt Disney. As someone who has been to both parks, I can say that they have some key differences, and the vibe is much more low-key in California. We speculated this is because it’s more of a locals park than a true destination, and our first day (a Thursday) wasn’t crowded at all.…

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Jordan Trip Recap

Welcome to my new travel blog! I’ll be doing my best to keep you posted with my learnings from the trips I take as part of running Travel Made Joyful. To be honest, I think blogs these days are being read less and less with the advent of podcasts and YouTube videos. However, it’s hard to argue with the fact that seeing things written out or put into a text format can be immensely helpful when putting a trip together. So, I’ll be keeping these more high-level and logistics-oriented. Jordan! The Basics Who: I traveled as part of a private…

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